Accounting services in Spain

If you feel that understanding all the taxation rules/laws is a minefield, contact us! Euroburo offers accounting and tax consulting services for expats.

Was it hard to work out your income tax levels, tax liabilities... ?

If you don’t master the ins and outs of the Spanish tax system, at Euroburo you will find a team of experienced tax advisors that will fully assist you. Spanish tax law is difficult to understand, proof of this is that few foreigners know that there is a non-resident tax. If you find the Spanish tax rules confusing, stressful and difficult, contact us! Our professionals will make it look easy.

Relax and enjoy your days in Spain not worrying about numbers!

Relax and enjoy your days in Spain not worrying about numbers !

How our accounting professionals work?


The first step of our tax / accounting services is to have an interview with you. This will help us understand your situation and know all your tax obligations


We will track monthly all your taxes, filling each of your tax invoices / transactions so that your tax returns are easily completed


We will prepare all the required documentaton and submit it to the tax office for you, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Are you an expatriate living in Spain and need help with accounting? If so, Euroburo is what you are looking for. You won’t have to worry about anything: our team will manage all your taxes and make sure you pay the right amount. We offer tax services for companies and individuals. We will prepare your tax returns and submit all the necessary documentation to the Spanish Tax Agency.


If you spend less than 183 days in Spain per year, you are not considered a tax resident. All the companies and individuals that meet the above requirement, must pay the Non-Resident Tax (INR in Spanish). Depending on the case, the payment can be made quarterly or annually.


The Personal Income Tax (IRPF in Spanish) is tax that includes all the income a person has generated in a year, all around the world. It takes into account the personal and family situation of the taxpayer. This tax must be paid annually by Spanish tax residents.  


When renting or buying a property in Spain, a payment must be made to the Autonomous Community. This payment is called ITP and varies depending on whether you are buying or renting.


The Wealth Tax is a tax that must be paid by non-residents and residents. This tax takes into account the value of the goods they own. The assets to be declared and the minimum exemptions vary depending on whether you are a resident or not.


We prepare and file all the taxes that your company must pay during the year, we will manage the accounting and taxation of your business, according to the activity it develops and the obligations it has. We receive all the documentation and prepare all the accounting documents required by the Spanish legislation.


If you are a foreigner, understanding what taxes you have to pay and how to pay the correct amount can be confusing and stressful. Therefore, we recommend you to contact our tax advisors in Alicante, they will explain what you have to pay and how to optimise your payments. We prepare and send all accounting and tax documents for individuals and freelancers.

Let us guide you in all matters of taxes and accounting!

¿What sets us apart from the rest?

We speak your language

Our team will make you feel at home by speaking to you in your own language. We have a multilingual staff that will communicate with you in a total of five languages: Russian, English, French, German and Spanish.

Excellent work methodology

Our consultants and tax accountants in Spain will organize your work in an optimal way. Unlike other consultancies, at Euroburo you will never find yourself a bad procedure, incomplete work that you are forced to finish yourself or poor decision making.

We are also Immigration Lawyers and Insurance Agents

We take care of the complex legal and bureaucratic formalities needed to live legally in Spain. If you need protection, we also offer a wide range of policies from Allianz, one of the largest insurance companies worldwide.

Maximum comfort

In Euroburo we will process all your procedures with official bodies, saving you time and unnecessary travel. We adapt completely to you.

Years of experience

Nowadays it is difficult to find tax accountants in Spain with so much experience. In our more than 30 years of experience we have seen and learned from everything, near us you will not find such a prepared advising office.

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